Update on Google Apps for EDU
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

This year, the district rolled out Google Apps for EDU accounts to all staff and students. We are happy to report that over 3,200 students and staff have already logged in over 10,500 times, creating and collaborating on over 19,750 files since the start of school. Our teachers are excited to be using Google Apps in the classroom, and we are working closely with staff at schools to learn about and share new and innovative uses for the many tools it provides.

Future Functionality:

Many core Google Apps modules and tools are already enabled and available to all staff and students. The district is also in the process of evaluating and testing additional components (e.g., Google Classroom) for roll-out in the coming months. As a prerequisite to implementing more advanced functionality, our team has been initially focused on developing supports and resources for leveraging the many tools and features available within Google Apps.

We are grateful for your collaboration and support as we work to ensure a successful implementation of this powerful resource.