Title I ESSA Update
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

This is information regarding the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) for schools that will continue to receive Title I funds in 2017-18.

Program Improvement Status: During the 2016-17 ESSA transition school year, schools were required to maintain their Program Improvement status (PI Year) and reference the corrective actions or restructuring plans in their SPSAs. Until there is an approved new state ESSA Plan, we may need to keep the PI references in our SPSAs for 2017-18.

School Site Councils: In ESSA, schools will need to continue to maintain properly composed School Site Councils who have responsibilities that are required by law. Please see the attached End of the Year School Site Council Activities check list to make sure that your School Site Council is completing all required tasks for 2016-17.

Parent Involvement Policies and Compacts: ESSA continues to require that Title I funded sites maintain Site Parent Involvement Policies and School-Parent Compacts. The “ESSA Family and Parent Engagement Policy” and School-Parent Compact will have changes in 2017-18 and CDE will send out the new templates for these documents sometime this summer. We advise sites to wait for the new templates, revise the documents with School Site Council and send the new documents next school year.