Technology Purchase Lists Updated
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Please be aware that the district’s technology purchase lists ( have been updated to reflect changes in computer hardware, peripherals and other devices available for purchase from our preferred vendors. Staff responsible for initiating purchases should consult the updated lists prior to generating requisitions.

Technology Services periodically updates these lists due to changes in standards, availability, cost and requirements, and based upon input and feedback from schools and staff. The current update includes the addition of new printers, ultraportable laptops, and Chromebooks – best suited for use by students in conjunction with new Google accounts and the growing volume of digital content and online resources deployed across the district.

To protect our valuable equipment from loss or theft, all laptops and iPads must be engraved prior to distribution and use. This is a common practice among public school districts, and is a very cost-effective and reliable approach to securing computer hardware. The service will be processed as a separate line item in your requisition, and will add a nominal fee to the cost of each device.

Please contact the Purchasing department with any questions pertaining to the requisition process.