Student Fees
All Grades

Principal Bulletin

Please review the following regarding student fees and share with staff and any other relevant individuals in your school community. It is important that all staff understand this issue and communicate it accurately when discussing with students and families.

Pursuant to California Education Code Section 49011, a district is prohibited from requiring students to pay a fee, deposit, or other charge in order to participate in an educational activity.  Ed. Code defines “educational activity” as an activity offered by a school or school district that constitutes an integral part of elementary and secondary education, including, but not limited to curricular and extracurricular or co-curricular activities.  As such, no fees may be charged for field trips that are part of the educational program.  Neither may the district require fees and allow for scholarships, as this practice would require individual students or families to “self-identify.”  Schools may solicit voluntary donations of funds or property, and voluntary participation in fundraising activities (Ed. Code 49011(c)).  However, participation in the educational program cannot be contingent upon the payment of the voluntary donation or participation in fundraising activities. 

Should you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact Legal Services Manager, Raoul Bozio, at 643-9097 or by email  Thank you.