Single Sign-on for Students
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

To simplify access to instructional resources by students, Technology Services is implementing a unified, single sign-on system that will allow students to log in to all instructional applications and services using their new student accounts and password. Effective 09/23/2016, the following applications will have been integrated into this system:

• Google Apps for EDU
• Infinite Campus
• Pearson EnVision
• Walch Connect
• Big Ideas Math
• ST Math
• TeamYou

Please be aware that incomplete scheduling of students in Infinite Campus may impact the ability to access these systems – students must be enrolled in the appropriate courses to log into applications that are class- or subject-specific.

Integration of additional applications into the unified single sign-on system is under way, and the ability to support this function will be a critical factor in the selection of new tools and resources in the future. Look for additional updates as new applications are integrated with single sign-on.