School Climate Surveys – EXTENDED
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - June 15, 2017

The survey has been extended until June 15. As part of the LCAP data collection process, the district is launching School Climate Surveys for parents/guardians and students (grades 3-12), and is consulting with SCTA on a third survey for staff and teachers. The surveys include questions designed to measure perception of safety and belonging/connectedness. The surveys are required by California Education Code and will be used to support district priorities, the LCAP (State Priority 6: School Climate), and the California School Dashboard.

The student survey is administered online only. The link to the student survey, and the instructions to administer it, are below.

Instructions for Student Survey

Please schedule the survey prior to June 15. Each school that has at least 70% participation will receive $1,000 to put toward improving student outcomes. Parents may choose to opt out their student, but must provide the school with a signed form.

Additionally, please share the link to the Family School Climate survey through your usual communication channels (text, Facebook, newsletter, web page, phone reminders, etc.) -