Safety Message from Safe Schools Manager
All Grades

Principal Bulletin

As we gear up for the start of school, I would like to share information regarding an incident that occurred last week at PS-7, a St. HOPE charter school. According to their security officer, a first grader was released after school to an unknown individual who picked her up and later returned her to the school. The media reported that the child was returned 45 minutes later by an unidentified male adult who stated “this is not my niece” and drove off. The school and the child’s parents reportedly do not know the identity of this male adult. You can imagine the concerns that were raised.

Please take the opportunity to review your current pick-up procedures as they relate to the release of students. Go over your policy with your staff as soon as possible so we do not experience this type of unfortunate situation.  I know we all have the safety of our students in mind, but taking the time to reiterate an important procedure is certainly worth the time invested.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Let’s do all we can to keep our kids safe.

I look forward to a wonderful and safe school year with all of you.