Safe Haven Materials for June 1 Meeting
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - June 1, 2017

Attached are the materials needed for the Safe Haven communication protocols that you will present to staff on June 1. Please be sure to share the attached resources and to ask your staff questions. 15 minutes are set aside for this item in your meeting, but additional time is preferred if possible.

Attached includes:

  1. Talking points for you during the sharing of this item.
  2.  The FAQ and communication protocol flow chart (included in the top 5 threshold languages and available to share widely as you see fit).
  3.  The memo that further outlines information contained in the protocol. The memo has not been translated because it is a confidential document that is only meant to be shared with you and your staff.

Staff worked at containing information within the attached documents that will help address any questions that may arise. However, there may be additional questions that may be more difficult for you to answer. Please complete the below questionnaire in order to note those questions. The questionnaire also asks if any principals would like to be a part of a Safe Haven planning group or committee going forward. District staff will review the questions received and provide answers accordingly. You may also encourage staff to visit the district’s safe haven webpage which contains a comment box for such questions as well.

Principal’s survey:

Please let Nathaniel Browning know if you have any questions leading up to the June 1 meeting at or by calling/texting at 916.257.9640.

Thank you!