Sacramento Navy Week (September 26-October 2)
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

The Navy Office of Community Outreach can provide schools with a variety of assemblies and speakers during Sacramento Navy Week (September 26-October 2).

The week will coincide with the California Capital Air Show.

Below are some of the outreach events the Navy can provide:

  • Namesake Sailors: Sailors serving aboard the USS California (a submarine) will participate in community relations projects, volunteer opportunities, school and hospital visits, and much more.
  • USS Constitution Sailors: Sailors stationed aboard the Navy’s oldest commissioned warship. Sailors dress in 1813 uniforms and share history of the USS Constitution and the Navy in presentations throughout schools, community organizations, and other venues. 
  • U.S. Navy Band Southwest: The 45-member organization calls upon its Ceremonial Band for the majority of its work. The band’s other performing ensembles include a brass and woodwind quintet, a rock band, a New Orleans-style jazz ensemble, and others. They will be participating in multiple venues throughout the week.
  • Navy Divers and Other STEM Assets: Our assets will provide dive demonstrations and STEM activities for schools, community organizations, and special events allowing children of all ages to explore STEM with the Navy.

More information:

If you are interested in one of these programs, please let Communications know and we will put you in touch with Navy officials.