Principal Assurance Checklist and Reclassification Follow Up Memo
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - January 8, 2016

The forms that guide the two-year follow up of your reclassified students are in the school mail to you now. The two-year follow up is an important process that helps to ensure reclassified students continue to receive support, if needed. Our old criteria, based on CST, had to be revised, so please feel free to use your own criteria as well as ours to be sure your students receive what they need. An instruction sheet that will accompany your student forms is attached.

Also attached is the fall Principals’ Checklist. Please complete it and return to Kao Lee no later than January 8. It is vital that we have the dates of your ELAC meetings and the names of your officers. Our DELAC officers have requested this information so that they can assist parents in their ELAC involvement.