PE Minutes Monitoring
Elementary, K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Action Required - September 28, 2016

PE Minutes Action Items and Deadlines:

All Elementary and K-8 principals need to complete their school PE schedule for each K-6 class by September 28. The method of doing this has changed from last year, and there are several ways to learn how to input your PE schedule:

  • Read the “PE Minutes Tracking Tool: Principal How to Guide”
  • Presentation at the principals meeting on September 21
  • Access the Training Video at
  • Attend a webinar on September 26 or 28 from 4:00 – 4:30 pm

All K-6 classroom teachers need to start inputting their minutes on a weekly basis, starting the week of October 3.

There are several ways for teachers to learn how to input their PE minutes: