Parents Rights and Standards Manuals for 2016-2017
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - July 28, 2016

As usual, we will be printing and shipping the Parents Rights and Standards of Behavior manuals and the Voluntary Insurance letter this summer. You will receive them by Thursday, August 25, 2016, in time to prepare your packets for the first day of school. Starting with information supplied to us by the district, we have posted a database with the quantities we are scheduled to ship to you. Please take a moment to review these numbers and change them as you think is appropriate for your school. Please give us your best estimate; we will round up your numbers slightly to make packaging easier.

By now, Office Managers will have received an email with a link to the database and unique login information. If you have not received the email, have any trouble logging in or have any other questions about accessing your data, please contact me at 277-7117 or Please note: Firefox is not supported by the database application. Please use the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Please complete this review and submit your changes no later than Thursday, July 28, 2016. This database will not be available for changes after that date and whatever the quantities are then are what we will order from our outside vendor and deliver to you.

Please do not email your changes to us, as that introduces an opportunity for mistakes. Please make your changes directly to the database.

Please be sure to log out when you are done.  This software is licensed for a limited number of connections at one time and not logging out may prevent someone else from accessing their records.

Thank you for your help.