New Online Resources for Students
All Schools

Principal Bulletin Action Required - December 16, 2016

We have recently deployed three additional digital resources to students in the district: Khan Academy (grades 7-12), (all grades) and Open eBooks (all grades, Title I schools only). Students will be able to log in to these resources from any internet-connected device at home or school using their district-provided account credentials or Clever badge. The services are being deployed at no cost to the district. offers engaging, self-paced computer science curriculum designed to motivate students to learn about software coding while developing creativity, logic and problem solving skills.

Khan Academy leverages adaptive technology to offer personalized practice exercises, instructional videos and other resources covering math, science, humanities and computer programming.

Open eBooks is a new app (phone or tablet) that promotes literacy by making thousands of popular and award-winning books available free of charge for students.

Please help us share information about the availability of these resources and promote utilization by sending the appropriate version (Title I or Non-Title I) of the enclosed letter home with your students.