New Fitnessgram Reporting Process
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - May 1, 2017

Thank you for being so patient while we work on supporting you with better options for reporting the Fitnessgram. Our team has come up with a lasting solution based on multiple requests and complaints of the Fitnessgram software. We have created our own Fitnessgram reporting in Illuminate, which is tied to Infinite Campus. This new option will allow you to do several things:

1. Rosters will be updated nightly. Which means if a student moves into your school their scores will be in your Illuminate PFT (Fitnessgram) account the next day. This happens as soon as the old school dis-enrolls the student and the new school enrolls that student.

2. Fitnessgram will be housed in Illuminate, which the rest of the district uses for their assessments as well.

3. The report for students lists the number of tests the student has passed (i.e, 4 out of 6, 5 out of 6).

4. Log-in is the same as your Outlook mail and Infinite Campus.

5. You can access Illuminate via the web by going to the district website: Illuminate can be also found at the bottom of the district website. Make sure to click the RED GOOGLE BOX NOT the blue next box.

6. User Friendly – You can key in data by column or student. You can tab over or hit enter to go down a column.

7. Generating reports for each student is now at your fingertips.

8. Attached is an instruction sheet. If you still need an in-person training, I will try to schedule something for Thursday, April 20.