National No One Eats Alone Day
Elementary, K-8, Middle Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

Many schools participated in the National No One Eats Alone Day in February last year and/or have expressed an interest in participating this year (February 10, 2017). For those of you who didn’t participate, Beyond Differences, who supports the National No One Eats Alone Day, was founded by the parents of Lili Smith, who was born with a cranial facial syndrome and was socially isolated during her middle school years. After Lili died when she was 15 due to medical complications, a group of teens from the local community banded together to bring change to their local schools.

That small group has grown into many hundreds of teens in communities all across America. These teens are bringing the word that a new day has come – that day starts with National No One Eats Alone Day.

Although it says it is geared for middle school students, it is also beneficial for elementary students as well and another opportunity to showcase SEL at your school. It helps educate our students about social isolation and the power of togetherness. When students are connected, they show more care and kindness for those around them. National No one Eats Alone Day also reinforces SEL skills and explicitly enhances the sense of community we’re trying to build for all our students in SCUSD. Please note: this is a student-led event and a great opportunity to show leadership on your campus.

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