Math 1 End-of-Course Exam
K-8, Middle and High Schools

Principal Bulletin Action Required

This week, we will be delivering materials to your sites for administration of the Math 1 End-of-Course (EOC) Exam.

Following Math 1, students will take either Math 2 or Math 2 Plus (an advanced course that includes all of the Math 2 standards and approximately half of the Pre-Calculus standards). Placement decisions for Math 2 and Math 2 Plus will be made district-wide using scores from the Math 1 EOC Exam, along with semester grades in Math 1 and an optional recommendation form. (For more detail, please access the Mathematics Course Placement Guide on the district website,

The optional Recommendation Form for placement into Math 2 Plus may be submitted by teachers, administrators, parents/legal guardians and students (self) by:
● Completing the form online:; or
● Completing a paper/pencil form available from the front office of all K-8, middle schools and high schools.

In the attached documents, you will find:
1) A memo outlining all the materials that will be delivered to your site this week for the Math 1 EOC Exam and general information regarding administration of the exam.
2) The PDF Recommendation Form (for those wanting to submit the form paper/pencil)
3) A parent letter that is translated into several languages. Math 1 teachers will be receiving copies of the parent letter in English only. Please provide translated copies of the parent letter as requested by teachers, or email if you’d like printed copies sent to your school.

If you have any questions, please contact Suzie Craig (