Managing Student Asthma During Physical Activity Webinar
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Don’t let asthma keep your students out of the game!

Asthma is a leading chronic illness among school-aged children and in the United States and a leading cause of school absenteeism. When asthma is well managed and well controlled, students with asthma should be able to
participate fully in all activities, including vigorous exercise. As a classroom teacher, P.E. teacher, coach or person who is supervising school-age youth who are engaged in physical activity, you can use the practical strategies from this 30-45 minute webinar to lessen the burden of asthma on students, families and the school community. Students should know that having asthma doesn’t mean they can’t excel in sports:

  • At the 1984 summer Olympics, 67 of the 597 American athletes had asthma. Among them, they won 41 medals.
  • Twenty percent of the athletes at the 1996 summer Olympics had asthma brought on by physical activity.
  • Almost 30 percent of the American swimmers on the 2000 summer Olympic team had asthma and used inhalers.

Asthma didn’t hold them back, and it shouldn’t hold your students back either!

Join us for the Managing Student Asthma During Physical Activity Webinar!

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