LCAP Toolkit for Stakeholder Engagement
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - May 27, 2015 Deadline

Every school district must include stakeholder engagement when developing their Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

In SCUSD, we are now beginning to share our draft document with our community. We provide multiple ways for parents, staff, students and community to weigh in on the draft.

Our new survey is simplified and user-friendly. We hope you will encourage all parents, staff, students (as appropriate) and community members / community partners to take the survey and share their opinion. The surveys are available in all district languages, both online and in hard copy form.

The expectation is that every school site will share the LCAP at a meeting prior to May 27, at which point we will review and aggregate the comments from all surveys in order to revise the draft into a final version to be presented to the Board of Education.

To help with school site meetings, our new Community Guide provides an overview of the law, the plan and includes the highlights of how funds are being used at the district level. The full LCAP is also available, but based on the feedback from last year, we needed to create a more accessible document.

LCAP Parent Advisory Committee members have been trained in the Community Planning Process and are available to help with your meeting presentations and surveying the community, if you would like additional support.

The most current resources will be on our web page: