Intel Guest Speakers
Elementary, K-8 and High School

Principal Bulletin Informational

As part of National Engineers Month, Intel is offering guest speakers for school sites during the period of February 21 – March 3.
This is for grade levels 3rd-6th as well as high schools.
These speakers are volunteers, so there is no guarantee they will be available. In order to request a speaker for your campus, please sign up here ASAP (volunteers are running out!). You can highlight that you would like an engineer of color if possible (this is indicated on the second to last question).
Intel’s preference is to give one speaker per school site, so ideally school sites would combine 2-3 classrooms in order to reach as many students as possible.
Once you have submitted the guest speaking request form, the volunteer will contact you directly with their availability.
I’ve attached sample questions to have your students review before the guest speaker arrives so that it may be a more engaging opportunity.
If there is anything I can do to support your school site with this, please let me know. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to get industry at your school site.