Infinite Campus Messenger Tips
All Grades

Principal Bulletin

As the start of school gets closer and more staff are sending auto-dialer calls and emails via Infinite Campus Messenger, we’ve discovered a few tips to pass along.

  • When sending a call or email, make sure you are on the right year (14-15) and the right CALENDAR. Many schools have more than one calendar (SS for Summer School and YES for after-school programs). To reach all your families, you have to be on the right calendar (T or M). 
  • When sending emails, choose the Student Messenger Contacts delivery option. 
  • Until school starts, make sure to UNCLICK the Message Only Active Students option.
  • Make sure to adjust the delivery window for voice calls to home. The default is 8 a.m.
  • Check your sent message log to verify that a call has gone out. Details such as how many phone machines picked up your call (vs. live answers) etc. can be found by clicking Print Sent Message Report. Scroll down this report to see individual names and phone numbers contacted and not contacted (these are noted with an asterisk). 

Hope that helps!