Holiday Tips to Reduce False Alarm Activations
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

In an effort to reduce the amount of false alarm activations that we have experienced in the past and to insure a smooth return after the holidays, the Operations, Maintenance and Security Departments would like to suggest a few tips that will help make our schools secure and safe over the upcoming Holiday Season.

  • Please make sure that all flags, mobiles and balloons are removed or taken down to prevent accidental motion activation.
  • Please make sure that your custodial staff closes all windows and draws all classroom curtains on the last day of instruction.
  • Please make sure you remind your Plant Managers to adjust the time clocks or thermostats on classroom heaters in rooms such as portables.
  • Please try to limit staff from returning over the holidays, but if they must, make sure that any staff that is planning to come in over the holiday knows how to disarm and arm the security system to prevent activation.
  • Please make sure that all false or accidental alarm activations are reported to Astro Security (916) 452-7882.
  • Please remind all custodial staff to make sure all food from any holiday celebrations is removed from the rooms.

Thank you to all and have a wonderful Holiday Season.