General Education Home Hospital Changes for 2015-2016
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Health Services, in collaboration with Student Hearing & Placement, and Capital City Independent Study School, has developed a new model for delivering Home Hospital Instruction. We now offer a program called Medical Independent Study as a less restrictive setting for students who are eligible for Home Hospital Instruction.

We have provided a Decision Tree to help schools determine if it is appropriate to refer a student for our program(s). We have also provided a new, simpler application packet to provide to families.

The new process:

  • Completed applications will be sent to where Health Services will review and approve or deny the application.
  • If approved, a meeting will be scheduled at Capital City School between the family, Principal, Counselor and School Nurse.
  • Once the individualized instruction plan is developed, the family will decide whether to proceed or not, as this is an elective program.

All instruction will be provided through Capital City Independent Study School.