Fundraiser Carwashes
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Fundraiser carwashes are a valuable source of funding for many groups and organizations. However, the soapy wash water from a carwash (often carrying dirt, grease, and other pollutants) typically flows along a parking lot or other paved surface until it enters the storm drain system. From there, it goes untreated to our creeks and rivers, potentially harming fish and other aquatic life. All by itself, one fundraiser carwash may not seem to be contributing much pollution to our local waterways. But collectively, fundraiser carwashes can contribute significant amounts of harmful pollutants to our creeks and rivers. Additionally, state and local regulations prohibit discharges of pollutants to the storm drain system.

The River-Friendly Fundraiser Carwash Program is here to help!  They have partnered with commercial carwashes that provide fundraiser groups an environmentally-friendly way to clean cars and keep pollutants out of our local waterways.

Attached is a letter with information.