Email Sent to Science Liaisons Regarding AB 329
K-8, Middle, High Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

The following email was sent to teachers regarding the survey for AB 329 – Comprehensive Sexual Education:

Hello Educators!

If you are receiving this email then you have been identified as the Science Liaison for your school site (if you received this email in error – please let me know). The implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is a huge undertaking and I am excited to work with you all to facilitate this work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns or requests for support.

The purpose of the science liaison is to communicate/distribute information about district initiatives and opportunities to your science team, site teachers and/or administrators. Thank you for supporting us! I have my first request of you all – please copy and paste the following info about the Comprehensive Sexual Education Law into an email and send it to applicable parties. We need 1 teacher from each site (K-8, Middle and High School) to respond to the survey regarding current practice – the most likely candidate is the teacher that teaches Sex Ed (7th Grade or Biology teachers). If you teach the Sex Ed curriculum at your site, no need to forward – please complete the survey below.

Thank you!

Comprehensive Sexual Education (AB 329) – Read the law here.
The state of California is mandating comprehensive sexual education to be taught in grades 7 and high school. The course must meet certain curriculum requirements, be transparent, accessible and reach all students. That being said, we want to identify our current practices to determine needs for curriculum and professional learning. Please follow the link to complete the survey below. Please keep in mind only 1 teacher should complete it from each site and that teacher should be the one that teaches Sex Ed.

We have already heard from the following schools and do not need any additional responses from them, thank you!

• Alice Birney (K-8)
• Health Professions High School
• Sutter Middle
• New Technology High School
• The MET
• Luther Burbank High School
• Fern Bacon Middle


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Interim Science Coordinator
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