EL Student Reclassification Is Online
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

The process for reclassifying EL students is moving online to Illuminate. The criteria for reclassification remains the same: If students have met the criteria for CELDT score and for achievement on a standardized ELA assessment (CAASPP or SCUSD ELA benchmarks), their names will appear under a Reclassification report for their school in Illuminate. Next, classroom teachers (grades K-6) or English teachers (grades 7-12) will determine whether or not to recommend the student for reclassification, based on data, and will mark their recommendation in the report. Finally, EL Site Coordinators will secure the parent/guardian input and enter the date that they communicated with the parents. The EL Coordinator will print the completed forms for each student’s purple folder, and the reclassification date will be recorded in Infinite Campus by the Multilingual Literacy office.