Data Integrity Project – Behavior Clean Up
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - June 3, 2016

We are a couple of years into the implementation of Infinite Campus (IC) for our district-wide student information system. We have been looking at annual clean up processes and working to develop more consistent data practices and better professional development for our staff. If we don’t address these issues, we risk serious concerns about the accuracy of our data and reporting of student data to CALPADS.

We now need to focus on our Behavior data as the end of the school year quickly approaches.

Rhonda Rode has created several ad hoc reports in IC to help you in the clean up process. You can access these reports by going into the Index Tab, clicking on the Ad Hoc Reporting section, then click on Data Export and go into the Behavior section. The reports are numbered #1 through #6.

You should begin with report #1 and work through them sequentially as items fixed in report #1 may fix errors in the reports to follow. I have fixed any reported errors in Report #2 (Possession of a weapon) already. I will also begin working on Report #6 (Suspended student with no end date) for you as well.

In order to meet our CALPADS reporting deadline, we need to have these errors cleaned up by June 3. There are two documents attached that will explain what the reports are and provide guidance on cleaning up the errors.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Gregory Collins via email or 643-9410 for assistance. I am more than willing to help as well. Rhonda Rode will also be scheduling two webinars to assist you in this process. Email to follow with sign up information.