CSUS Wants Your 5th Graders
Elementary, K-8

Principal Bulletin

Sacramento Pathways to Success in conjunction with CSUS is wanting once again to get ALL 5th graders a college tour at Sac State. We have met with the Athletic Department and have identified two dates (this semester) that would allow the students to have their very well done tour of Sac State and allow for the students to see a collegiate soccer game. The two identified dates are Oct 10th and Nov 5th. Schools would have to be able to pay for their own busses (the Pathway is in the initial stages of fund raising for the second semester). Each bus, if the district busses are used, is about $250. Each date can handle about 300 students with their chaperones. If you would like for your students to attend, please contact the Executive Director, Paula Hanzel, at 752-3101 or email her at paulaha@scusd.edu.

All of the schools who went last year are up on the Sacramento Pathways to Success website http://www.sacramentopathways.org. Please ask them to take a look and have them share this with their students, teachers and parents!

We are planning to work with each elementary school to fund the second semester trips with an “Adopt-a-Classroom” program. As soon as some final details are worked out I will be reaching out to Principals regarding how this will work.