C-SPAN 2015 Cities Tour Comes to Sacramento Sept. 3-13
Middle, High

Principal Bulletin Informational

In partnership with Comcast, the C-SPAN 2015 Cities Tour will be in Sacramento September 8-13. While here, C-SPAN representatives are hoping to speak to middle/high school students and teachers about the C-SPAN Networks and all of the free video resources available to them.

Here’s the email from C-SPAN:

C-SPAN has embarked on a special programming and education outreach initiative: Working with our cable partners, the 2015 Cities Tour takes C-SPAN2 Book TV and C-SPAN3 American History TV programming on the road.

We’re traveling to selected cities to feature the history and literary life of these communities. Sacramento has been selected to participate.

In addition to gathering programming, we would like to conduct educational presentations to interested audiences.

We would like to meet with students and teachers about C-SPAN’s online free resources to view historic events, see coverage of their elected officials, and talk about the role of a C-SPAN Video Journalist to media based curriculum.

Listed below are suggestions for presentation topics for teachers and students. We can tailor our presentation to fit any venue. Please note that the presentations are designed to take place inside the classroom, auditorium or other locations. The LCVs (Local Content Vehicles) are not equipped for tours. Also, we will not be videotaping or conducting interviews with the students.

Middle Schools/High Schools:
C-SPAN representative may meet with large or small groups of social studies, civics, journalism, and/or video production students to share C-SPAN’s programming and resources including the Video Library. Depending on the area of study, students may learn:

  • How to navigate C-SPAN’s Video Library, a programming archive that includes 200,000+ hours of programming dating from 1987
  • How to use clips from the archive for use in school assignments
  • How to search for information about their senators and representatives in the U.S. Congress
  • How to enter StudentCam, C-SPAN’s annual video documentary competition which empowers students to explore issues of national significance
  • Tips and techniques in video production; careers in video production; the role of a C-SPAN Video journalist
  • How C-SPAN fits into the media today
  • Insight into the professional side of working for a national television network
  • Why C-SPAN is in your community

Educators’ Workshops:
Meet with current educators or future teachers for a specialized workshop to learn about C-SPAN’s FREE educational resources such as C-SPAN Classroom and the Video Library as teaching resources

What do we need to conduct presentations?
Access to the internet, YouTube (where some of our video is hosted), a projector screen, audio/sound and a laptop or PC. The length of the presentation is flexible, and will depend on the school’s availability and how many students/teachers you would like to target at one time.

Additional information:
The programming we record in Sacramento will air the weekend of Nov. 7-8. The history segments will air on C-SPAN3 American History TV (AHTV) and the literary events/non-fiction author segments will air on C-SPAN2 BookTV.

In addition, the segments that air will be available to view online indefinitely. Each city will have its own designated link/page on our website and we will utilize our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to let our C-SPAN, BookTV and AHTV followers know where we are during our visit and after as we air “Sacramento Weekend.”

Helpful links:
· Cities Tour website – where each city’s history and literary segments are posted
· Cities Tour Flickr site

If you are interested, please contact Janet Weeks, 643-9043, or janet-weeks@scusd.edu.