Assessment, Research and Evaluation – SBAC Reports/TOMS Down
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required by 9/30/2015

The SBAC Student Reports have finally arrived.  Schools will receive copies of the SBAC Individual Student Reports by Tuesday, September 29th.  Student reports will be mailed to homes by October 2nd.

You can access CAASPP reports from TOMS at:  U:\Assessment, Research & Evaluation\SBAC\Reports from TOMS. 

The reports available are:

- Subgroup Summary for ELA and Math by school

- Subgroup Summary for Science by school

The reports are available by school CDS code. 

Preliminary reports can be found on the Online Reporting System (ORS) for grade levels and student results.  Please see the attached directions on how to pull these reports.

TOMS will be offline October 1–14. During this downtime, LEAs will not be able to access the following features:

Interim Assessment Test Delivery System
Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System
Summative assessment downloadable student data files, student score report PDFs, and aggregate report files
Online Reporting System, including viewing score reports and completion status
Update users (i.e., add/delete) in TOMS 

TOMS is scheduled to be back online Thursday, October 15, offering new system enhancements that will make the 2015–16 version of TOMS easier to use.