AESOP Absence Leave Batches Require Approval
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - May 10, 2017

As shared at a prior principals’ meeting and discussed at the May 3 office managers meeting, we are asking that you please review, submit and approve AESOP Absence Leave Batches in Escape, starting with the April batch.

Office managers should continue to enter Escape Leave Batches for employees who do not require a substitute. This process does not change. Please remember that the AESOP Absence Leave batches automatically pull in absences reported in AESOP. If an absence exists in the AESOP Absence Leave Batch, it does not need to be entered in the Escape Leave Batch.

We are working to streamline the absence reporting process for the new school year and ask for your patience as we design an improved workflow.

Attached please find the procedures to guide office managers through the AESOP Absence Leave Batch approval process.

Please contact your Payroll Technician with any questions.