504 Plans Flagged in Infinite Campus
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - June 19, 2015 Deadline

Please note that all students with 504 accommodation plans need to be flagged in Infinite Campus by June 19. We want to ensure that the district captures all our 504 accommodation plans for state reporting (Cal-Pads). An email was sent to all 504 coordinators, copying office managers, on Friday, May 29, requesting they complete this task by June 19. I’d appreciate it if you would ensure that this task is completed by the date requested.

We have done some work to revamp and streamline this process for next year to improve our utilization of Infinite Campus and increase the accessibility of 504 Plan documents to those who need to review them for students. Attached is the new process that we will be rolling out come August 2015.

Again, thanks for your support!