2014-15 Change in EL Reclassification
Elementary, K-8, Middle Schools

Principal Bulletin

Because have no CST or SBAC results for 2013-14, our district must administer an assessment to determine if ELs who are eligible for reclassification because they have reasonable English fluency have also mastered basic skills in the English Language Arts. This assessment will be administered only to ELs who have met the CELDT criteria for reclassification—an overall Score of Early Advanced or Advanced, with no subtest lower than Intermediate.

The assessments for students in grades 2-8 are versions of the Curriculum Associate benchmarks used in the past. They have been edited to enable testing to take approximately 50 minutes. Sites may decide if individual teachers will test the ELs or if they wish to group students in similar grades for a common testing session.

Your school will receive the assessments, answer bubble sheets, and a list of students to be assessed between March 16-18. The assessments can be administered any time before April 17, though the earlier they are administered and returned to the district, the earlier the Multilingual Office can generate reclassification forms for your students who qualify.

Once all the tests have been administered school-wide, the EL site rep should package the tests and bubble sheets from every class and send them as a single unit to ARE, attn.: Melody Hartman. ARE will take care of scanning the assessments and Multilingual Literacy will generate reclassification forms for the students in your school based on the results. Once you receive the reclassification forms, the process will be the same as it has been in the past; teachers must recommend reclassification and parents must be consulted.

This assessment will be used for this year only. Next year, we’ll use the SBAC portion of CAASP to determine if students have basic skills in ELA. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.