School Site Wellness Champion
Caleb Greenwood Elementary School


I am so proud of the stand we’ve taken for kids’ health and wellness at Caleb Greenwood. We’ve added more opportunities for kids to be active at school, we’ve prioritized students social-emotional development, and we’ve established healthier guidelines for school events, fundraisers, and incentives. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the results have been tangible. Our suspension rate has decreased by over 60%, and the number of behavior referrals has decreased greatly as well. Students are more engaged and alert during instruction, and although there are multiple factors that have contributed to these improvements, I strongly believe that our Wellness Policy has played a critical role. Amy Whitten, Principal

You can change school culture to promote health and wellness! Caleb Greenwood Elementary is living proof.  When concerns were raised regarding the nutritional value of food served at school functions and the frequency of food-centered activities, school parents and staff got to work.  Meetings and surveys let Caleb Greenwood know the concerns of parents and staff.

Some changes for this year: birthday recognition during morning announcements instead of parties; recess before lunch; expansion of afterschool enrichment activities that promote physical activity; replacing our Fall Fundraiser food sale with a jog-a-thon; and redesigning the snack bar at our annual Fall Festival to include healthy snacks and fresh fruits and veggies. Students are also no longer provided with food as a reward but instead receive other incentives. Congratulations to Caleb Greenwood for taking a stand for children’s health!

Check out Caleb Greenwood’s School Wellness Policy: