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Measures Q and R
SCUSD School Facilities Bonds

What they are:

Measures Q and R are local school bond measures to upgrade and renovate the district’s school facilities. SCUSD’s Board of Education placed Measures Q and R on the ballot.


Measure Q would allow the district to issue up to $346 million in bonds for upgrading classrooms, science labs, computer systems and technology; renovating heating and ventilation systems; improving student safety and security systems; and repairing roofs, restrooms, floors and plumbing.

Measure R would allow SCUSD to issue $68 million in bonds for the repair of playgrounds and playfields to meet modern safety standards; the improvement of PE facilities and restrooms; the removal of asbestos and lead paint; and the upgrading of kitchen facilities to improve children’s nutrition.

The total cost of Measures Q and R is less than $7 a month for the average homeowner. The entire cost is tax deductible.


SCUSD cannot tell people how to vote, and SCUSD employees are precluded by law from using tax-supported resources, time or equipment to lobby either for or against any ballot measure. SCUSD can, however, share factual information about a ballot measure’s impact. Employees and other members of the SCUSD community are free to participate in political activities on their own time and using their own resources.