Measure G
Sacramento City Unified School District


How much money would it generate for SCUSD?

The district estimates that Measure G would generate $6 million to $7 million annually for Sacramento City Unified schools.

What would the money be used for?

  • Measure G would fund arts/music programs, additional school site staff and specialized training for teachers and staff. 
  • Funds from Measure G would further support programs and services for all students in our district, especially those at risk of falling behind or dropping out.

What would be the impact to our schools if it doesn’t pass?

  • If Measure G doesn’t pass, the district will have fewer protections against cuts if/when there’s another economic downturn.
  • Without Measure G, the district would have fewer resources available to replicate effective programs and student supports.

What will it cost you?

  • The total cost of Measure G will be $75 per taxable parcel per year (or, approximately $6 per month). The measure will expire in six years.
  • The measure includes a senior exemption.