A Few Things We Have Learned – CAASPP Testing
All Grades


While of course anything that can go wrong will, the students we observed were calm, cool and trying their best! Here are some tips that we’ve learned so far:

  • Check that the sleep mode is off on the computer being used by the TA.
  • Make sure that teachers have logged in before testing and are logging in to the correct CALIFORNIA site.  http://sbac.portal.airast.org/ca/field-test-ca/
  • Make sure that students log-in to CA as well.
  • Please write down the Session ID number right away.  If you accidentally log yourself out, you will be locked out for eight hours unless you put the session ID number in.
  • Check that students having trouble logging in are not in the Practice Test.
  • Students that have two names as a confirmation code and show up in Zangle with ( ), use two spaces between their two names.
  • Make sure everything has been closed. Just because it is not opened does not mean it is closed.  (Word, Chrome, Excel, Mozilla and especially close all widgets.)  If you slide screen to left, you will see the widgets, click on the plus, it will give an X on each widget and close them by clicking on the Xs.
  • Some new students may only have one choice option for testing. If so, then that is what they take.

Please review with your students how to complete their test:

  • A box will pop up telling them they have answered all the question in this test. They should click “OK.”
  • Then have them click on the red “End Test” button.
  • They then will receive a box that says: “You have reached the end of the test.  Click yes to continue to the next page, click no to keep working on your test.”
  • They then can review their answers or submit test. If they review their answers they will need to follow steps 1-3 again.
  • They then click submit, it will ask them if they are sure and they can submit.
  • They then log out

Other tips:

  • Sometimes videos take a while to start.
  • Some students that reviewed got a white screen that they cannot do anything from – let TA log them out with whole class later.
  • Some had iTunes catalog pop up. Close browser and decline and log back in. You can also set iTunes not to do updates.
  • 6th grade ELA – there is a question with many parts that one part you need to click on a word that some students are unable to get by.  We tried clicking the 2nd word in the sentence and it let them move on.