FAQs for High School Specialty Programs


How many specialty programs can I apply to?

You can only apply for two specialty programs.

The specialty program I am applying for is at my neighborhood school. Do I have to go through Open Enrollment?

Yes, all applicants* must go through Open Enrollment. Your application will not be completed until you do so. Open Enrollment happens 1/10/17 – 1/24/17. 

*If you are applying to the Kennedy PACE program and you are in their attendance area, you do NOT need to apply through Open Enrollment. 

Do I have to turn in a transcript?

  • If you are a current SCUSD student you will not have to turn in a transcript. Your records will automatically be sent to the program(s) that you apply for.
  • If you are not a SCUSD student, you will need to submit a transcript with your application. 

How do I find my current teachers’ email address is?

All our middle school websites have staff directories posted. If you cannot find your teacher’s email online – ask them!

How can I make a change to a submitted application? 

Please contact the program’s coordinator. If you are making a change to the programs you have applied for you can email us at hsapplication@scusd.edu

How will I know you received my application?

Once you successfully submit an application, you will receive a confirmation screen that you can print for your records. Confirmation emails will be sent to all parents/guardians.

SCUSD Students: make sure your parent/guardian(s) has an email listed in Infinite Campus.

If your parent/guardian would like to add or change their email in Infinite Campus, have them login to the parent portal and go to the Account Management page. If your parent/guardian has any questions about accessing their Infinite Campus account, please have them contact your school.

I missed the essay/test for the specialty program I applied for. What do I do? 

Please contact the program’s coordinator. 

When do I find out if I got into the specialty program(s) I applied for?

Notification letters will be mailed to you by March 3, 2017.