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Automated SubFinder System (ASF)
ASF Phone: 1(877) 388-0913--Caller ID 1(800) 782-3463

Substitute Services, Human Resource Services, uses the Automated Substitute Finder System and Substitute Pay, which are today’s most sophisticated PC and voice technology resources to give employees and substitutes automated access to a system that manages the entire process.

Substitutes can quickly accomplish routine tasks, such as checking available jobs and reviewing current jobs. SubFinder on-line is used to access SubFinder from your home or any computer that has Internet access.


Web Connect works in conjunction with the SubFinder System. It uses the existing database and complements the telephone operation of Sub Finder. All data becomes instantly available, whether it is entered through WebConnect or by telephone.

WebConnect is used to access SubFinder from your home or office computer, or any computer as long as you have access to the Internet. Enter the district’s web address for WebConnect in your Internet browser address line ( Click on Employment, and scroll down to SubFinder.

For log-in problems or questions, please contact the Substitute Department at (916) 643-9493.