8-HR Certificated Employees FAQ


1. When do I have to complete the required hours?

For the 2016—2017 school year, you have from August 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017 to complete the 24-hour CPT requirement.  These 24 hours are to take place before or after the contracted school day.  No makeup sessions will be provided and/or permitted after the May 31, 2017 deadline.

2. Can I get hours of Common Planning Time between June 1st– June 30th?

Hours completed between June 1st– June 30th can NOT count toward CPT for any year.

3. If I am a part-time employee or work only part of the year (due to a leave or late hire), must I complete the full 24 hours?

No, the 24 hours would be prorated according to your percentage of employment (for example, if you are 0.50 FTE, you must complete 12 hours; if you were out on approved sick leave for 9 months, you will need to complete 6 hours.  Late hires should be aware that if you are made full time retroactively, you will be responsible for the full 24 hours even if you became contracted mid-year.  Call the Karla Faucett at the Professional Development Office for clarification (643-2134).

4. If I am a substitute teacher or long-term substitute teacher, must I complete the full 24 hours?

No, substitute teachers and long-term substitute teachers are not required to do any hours of CPT.  That being said, long term substitutes are encouraged to attend team meetings and site professional development

5. Will the PE, Music and Art Teachers be allowed to have their own CPT?

Staff defined as “special populations” above can earn a portion of their CPT hours through district-sponsored role-alike training sessions (i.e. collaborative sessions for counselors, PE teachers, etc.). These sessions will be coordinated by central office staff and approved by central office administrators. See section on CPT for Special Populations of Employees above.

6. How are hours calculated?

Session(s) that count toward CPT must last for at least one hour.  You will be credited the time you were actually at the session, minus any break over five (5) minutes if session that was more than one hour.  You do
not earn time during meal breaks, exhibition, award activities, homework time; only session time can be counted.

7. What if I arrive at a CPT session late, or leave a CPT session early?

There are no partial hours given for sessions.  Anyone that arrives five (5) or more minutes late will not have access to the sign-in sheet.  Anyone who leaves earlier will not receive partial hours.

8. Can I count an activity for professional improvement increment credits?

You may use hours after you completed the 18-Hour requirement for professional improvement increment credits.

9. What happens if I am a facilitator for a CPT session?

You may count the time you are presenting as if you had participated in the session and you must sign-in/signout as other participants.  However, you cannot count preparation time.  The preparation times may be paid
by the appropriate budget if approved by the program administrator.

10. Can I count professional development taken outside the District (e.g., a conference or a SCOE workshop)?

Only staff defined as “special populations Category B” above are able to count outside district professional development as a portion of their CPT hours. These employees must have prior approval from district or
central office supervisors. Those attending this professional development are expected to return and train the rest of the school staff.  See section on CPT for Special Populations of Employees above.

11. If a teacher has to miss a CPT team meeting due to a child being ill, family emergency, how are we facilitating make up sessions? We don’t want to have to have the whole team reschedule their times.

Those arrangements can be made by the site administrator and the teacher.  There should be plenty of time throughout the year for the teachers to complete the 18-hour requirement.

12. I submitted our CPT as a year-long plan. When/Will it be approved?  Will I receive an SRN?

The Professional Development Office will e-mail the SRN to principal/central office department head, contact person of session and office manager.  One SRN number will be given for the entire school year.

13. Are CPT participants required to sign in and out?

All participants are required to sign-in at the beginning of every CPT session and sign-out at the end of session on pre-populated sign-in sheet.  Failure to sign-in and sign-out will result in loss of hours of CPT.  There are no partial hours (CPT) given for every session.   Anyone arriving five (5) minutes late is not allowed to attend the session.  Cross out name of participant(s) who did not attend the entire session and write the time they left next to their name.

14. Are we supposed to send in Sign-In Sheets? And if so, each time or once per quarter? And who should be responsible for keeping track of hours?

Yes, send in all pre-populated sign-in/sign-out sheets by end of every month electronically to Professional Development Office. Always keep back-up documentation for your records, and encourage your teachers to do the same.

15. What do I do if all of my hours are not posted on the eSchool Website?

First, make sure your principal/central office department head has submitted complete documentation to the Professional Development Office.  The website will not include activity hours for which you received a stipend. If your hours are not listed, check back in a few weeks.  The eSchool website is updated regularly.