About the WorkAbility Program

The WorkAbility Staff works diligently to provide support for your student.  We recognize that, as a parent, you would like to know about resources, agencies, and options available to your child as they transition from high school and beyond.  It seems like just yesterday our students were playing in the schoolyard with their friends, and now they are quickly becoming independent young adults. WorkAbility helps make this transition a smooth one, that leads to successful employment, education, or training after high school. We do this by focusing on the students’ dreams and goals, then providing activities and support throughout the year.

Our staff also works very closely with school staff, businesses, and community agencies to provide a variety of opportunities to students. We assist teachers in writing transition plans that reflect the student and their family goals. Our staff collaborates with businesses to develop meaningful work opportunities. They also link students up with community agencies and educational training programs that match their goals.