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General information

Youth Congress

A SAC Member is one of four members chosen from each class level (i.e. freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior) to be a representative from the school’s Youth Congress. He/She is a highly visible student from the school site that works to ensure youth input and participation in decision-making processes. 

2007 Youth Congress Advisors

America’s Choice HS – Mary Lou Hanzlik

Mrs. Hanzlik teaches electives classes such as art, yearbook and student government at America’s Choice High School. She is also the Youth Congress Advisor.
The Youth Congress at America’s Choice operates as a committee within the student advisory council and the student government class. Four students attend the district level Youth Congress meetings each month. America’s Choice students that are interested in being a school representative on the Youth Congress may apply at the beginning of each term. Applications are available in Room 3, see Mrs. Hanzlik for details.
Currently our Youth Congress is working toward setting a date for ceremony that will take place at the building site of our new school. This is an issue that is important to our students because many students have relocated with the school three times over the last four years. Students also attend school board meetings to show support for charter schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District.

C.K. McClatchy HS – Tim Douglas

Mr. Douglas teaches History and Student Activities in room 16A.
Our youth congress has 85 members and we meet Monday through Friday at 7:30. Currently we are working on spirit building events including a Spring Sports Rally, a multicultural day where clubs and entertainers perform and a Leukemia fundraising drive.
Last year our Youth Leadership class accomplished, among many other things, a Toy drive with the CHP, an Every 15 Minutes presentation for our 11th and 12th grade classes, and an Anti-Smoking event with professional X game athletes.
Our students have attended every meeting this year and we were the host site for December.

Hiram Johnson HS – Dylan Besk

I teach English in room X22 and have been the Youth Congress Advisor from 2004 to 2007. Our active Youth Congress (youth leadership) has ten to fifteen members; we meet on Fridays during lunch.
Last year, our Youth Congress class accomplished revisions to the school’s punctuality policy, an RT forum, and student leadership forums.

Luther Burbank HS – Jennifer Adkins

I teach 9th/10th/12th English and am the Leadership/Youth Congress Advisor. Our Youth Congress (youth leadership) has 24 members; we meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during 7th period (3:30-4:30).
As we are newly formed (Spring Semester 2007), we are currently working on creating cohesion/unity and addressing student activities for this school year. Our Youth Congress has attended 4 SAC Meetings this year and we were the host site for the November 14, 2006 SAC meeting.

Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions HS – Allison Allair

I teach Student Government and World History in room C12. Our Youth Congress is a committee in our third period Student Government class. Currently we are working on outreach for a more diverse student voice. This is our first year in Youth Congress and we are excited about working with students from other schools in the district and providing input for the school board. Our Youth Congress has attended almost all of the SAC meetings this year. In the future we hope to have students from Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School represented in the leadership of the SAC, and as the student member on the SCUSD Board of Education.