Volunteers plant the seeds of learning on Green Apple Day of Service
McClaskey gets 'Enabling Garden' to help developmentally disabled adults

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Click to see the "before" photo.

A. Warren McClaskey Adult Center in East Sacramento participated in Green Apple Day of Service by constructing an “Enabling Garden” on Saturday, September 29 and Thursday, October 4.

Community volunteer Gerry Hughes designed the garden that will give students a barrier free, fully accessible area to learn about healthy food, gardening and ecosystems.

McClaskey Adult Center’s staff has been working very hard to teach healthy choices relating to diet and exercise to students for some time, so the primary objective of this garden will be a complement to the existing programs with hands-on learning.

Students will also learn how to incorporate physical activity through basic gardening skills, which will promote good health. Produce from the garden will be utilized in cooking classes throughout the campus.

Adult Education Director Sue Gilmore says several people are owed thanks for their help with the project: SCUSD Center for Green Schools Fellow Farah McDill; Gerry Hughes, director of the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center; Patty Karapinar, sustainability coordinator for Anova Nexus Architects; Janelle Glick, commissioning agent at Heery International; and Kerry Ellis, senior designer with Benning Design Associates.