Tickets now on sale for ‘Glee’ guitarist’s fundraiser at Rosemont

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Tickets are now on sale for “Glee” guitarist Derik Nelson’s fundraising performance at Rosemont High School on Wednesday, October 30.

Nelson’s showcase will raise funds for Rosemont’s Creative and Performing Arts classes. Tickets are $15 and are for sale in Room J-101 before 8 a.m. or after 2:45 p.m.

Nelson will also participate in a class presentation/workshop for selected music students.

Nelson is a singer, songwriter and producer whose singing voice has been heard on “Raising Hope,” “New Girl,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Go On” and “The Voice.”

He is currently visiting high schools to help raise money for arts and music programs. His team’s goal is to raise $100,000 for schools.

He will perform in Rosemont’s Performing Arts Theatre at 7 p.m.