Sutter students enjoy ‘Dinner with a Scientist’

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Deleon, Keenan and Sison

Three Sutter Middle School students recently joined other kids from around the area for “Dinner with a Scientist,” sponsored by the Sacramento Area Science Project and the PowerHouse Science Center.

The event is aimed at inspiring and motivating middle and high school students to excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines and pursue careers in those fields.

The evening also provides scientists an opportunity to interact with young people and share their passion for science and career experience. 

Students Keir Keenan, Joseph Sison and Mary Deleon dined with UC Davis geneticist and doctoral candidate Donnelly West.The dinner partners participated in interactive activities analyzing fruits and vegetables and discussed the basics of genetics and genetically-modified food.

During dessert, the students visited biotechnology specialist Judy Kjelstrom, who advised the students to pursue their interests and goals.  

“Dinner with a Scientist” events are held in fall and spring.