Student creativity on display at New Tech showcase

e-Connections Post Sacramento New Technology

Sacramento New Technology High School held its annual Fall Design Showcase on December 13, allowing the community to experience the creativity of the school’s students.

Chemistry teacher Senna Davis’ students showcased “re-useable useable art” featuring items that are typically thrown in landfills as the medium to create functional objects.

“The art show gave my students a venue to use design for both creative and environmental reasons,” Davis says.

Staff and students alike look forward to the annual showcase. “Participating in the art show means that I’ll get to show what I can do, and see the cool creative things other students make,” says sophomore Leticia Martinez, who had three projects on display.

Her sentiment was echoed by Visual Communications teacher Dale Means. “I really appreciated seeing the opportunity to view students’ work within a wide variety of formats, including Claymation, stop motion animation, large format drawing, abstract painting and video game design.”