Senate pro Tem Steinberg helps SCUSD celebrate the start of school
‘Sacramento Goes Back to School’ event at Phoebe Hearst highlights new 'green' classrooms

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New "green" classrooms feature magnetic paint and tinted, dual-pane windows.Senate pro Tem Steinberg addresses the crowd.Principal Egan, Superintendent Raymond and Senate pro Tem Steinberg

Sacramento City Unified School District celebrated the start of the 2012-13 school year today with the opening of new “green” classrooms at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School in East Sacramento.

Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna and SCUSD Superintendent Jonathan Raymond participated in the “Sacramento Goes Back to School” event, which welcomed more than 44,000 students back to SCUSD’s 81 campuses.

“I am proud to represent SCUSD under the leadership of Superintendent Raymond and the school board,” said Senator Steinberg. “This is a district that’s continued to forge ahead and innovate even in these most difficult times.”

A premiere school serving East Sacramento, Phoebe Hearst added kindergarten to its classroom lineup this fall. To accommodate the extra students, SCUSD “repurposed” an unused portable building from Fruit Ridge Elementary School, renovating it with “green” features, including:
• Solar tubes
• Dual-pane tinted windows with blinds between the glass
• Corrugated metal siding for improved insulation
• An energy-efficient “displacement” heating and air-conditioning system
• Magnetic paint

In addition, Phoebe Hearst students will have the option of learning outside in nice weather with the school’s new “outdoor classroom,” an area landscaped with low-water, low maintenance vegetation. The area was designed by Phoebe Hearst Principal Andrea Egan.

Funding for the Phoebe Hearst project came from Measure I, a 2002 bond initiative that has been depleted over the years. Two measures on the November ballot – Measures Q and R – would allow SCUSD to implement much-needed maintenance projects and money-saving green upgrades throughout the district. 

“Every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a classroom that respects the environment as well as children’s health,” said Superintendent Raymond. “With every renovation, our goal is to keep the need to be green in mind.”

Superintendent Raymond closed the program by advising students to “work every day to be your best. Let’s have a great school year.”