SCUSD student test scores are on the rise
State data shows big gains for middle schools, Priority Schools

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Superintendent Raymond being interview by student reporters for Fern Bacon's "Bulldog Bulletin."

SCUSD student test scores continue to improve and some schools are experiencing tremendous gains, according to 2012 data released by the California Department of Education last week.

SCUSD moved up 8 points on the state’s Academic Performance Index (API) to 768, CDE data shows.API numbers reflect student scores on various tests taken in the spring of 2012.The API is a numeric index that ranges from a low of 200 to a high of 1,000.The state API target for all districts and schools is 800.

“I am proud of our students, teachers, principals, staff, parents and community partners who are working so hard at our schools every day,” said Superintendent Jonathan Raymond.

“Despite state budget cuts, we are moving forward and improving teaching and learning in our schools.”

English Language Learners showed the greatest improvement among demographic subgroups, moving up 15 points in API to 739 — 23 points above the state average for ELL students.

Special Education students moved up 11 points and socioeconomically disadvantaged students 10 points.

Priority Schools and middle schools saw tremendous gains almost across the board.

Middle schools collectively gained 199 points in API. Fern Bacon led both the middle schools and the Priority Schools with a two-year API gain of 99 points.

At a SCUSD press conference last Thursday, Fern Bacon Principal Nancy Purcell thanked her teachers, staff and community for helping the school achieve “transformation at Mach speed,” and for believing “that every student can and will meet our expectations.”

She also thanked her students “for making us proud every day.”

Other state data highlights include:

• Health Professions High School saw dramatic gains in language arts, world history, social studies, math and science scores. Student proficiency in science rose 20.1 percent, the biggest gain by any SCUSD school in any subject. HPHS also had the biggest API rise – a whopping 61 points.

• Four schools – Edward Kemble Elementary, William Land Elementary, Albert Einstein Middle School and California Middle School – climbed over 800 on the API.

• West Campus High School climbed over 900 to 913.

• Seven schools met all their federal improvement targets, meaning student scores improved across all “demographically significant” subgroups. Those schools are: Fern Bacon, Will C. Wood, West Campus, Theodore Judah, Alice Birney, Crocker/Riverside and Success Academy.

• Twenty-seven schools saw double-digit API gains. They are: Bret Harte, C.B. Wire, David Lubin, Edward Kemble, Father Keith B. Kenny, Freeport, John Cabrillo, John Still, Joseph Bonnheim, Theodore Judah, William Land, Woodbine, Albert Einstein, California, Fern Bacon, Kit Carson, Rosa Parks, Sam Brannan, Will C. Wood, Health Professions, C.K. McClatchy, George Washington Carver, Hiram Johnson, Sacramento New Technology, West Campus, American Legion and Capital City.