SCUSD to replace outdated Zangle system with Infinite Campus

e-Connections Post

Infinite Campus, a state-of-the-art student information system used by more than 2,000 school districts in 43 states, will replace Zangle this spring, greatly improving SCUSD’s data collection, storage and management services.

Parents and students who currently use Zangle to check attendance and track grades will be informed of an Infinite Campus registration process in coming weeks.

“Infinite Campus is a premiere service that will make the work of SCUSD staff and service to the SCUSD community much more efficient, organized and secure,” said Chief Business Officer Ken Forrest.

Currently, SCUSD collects, stores and manages student data through the Zangle system. This information includes attendance and enrollment records, transcripts, grades, schedules and parent contact information.

But because Zangle’s parent company is no longer in business, SCUSD is operating the system without service support or maintenance. In addition, the district has limited ability to upgrade the functionality of Zangle.

For these reasons, the Board of Education voted this fall to replace Zangle with Infinite Campus, which currently serves more than 6 million students nationwide. Infinite Campus has been in the student information system business 20 years and has an excellent track record, said Forrest.

Before choosing Infinite Campus, SCUSD created an extensive Request for Proposal detailing a wish list of features sought in a new system. Six proposals were received and evaluated. The two vendors who ranked highest in the evaluations provided software demonstrations to hundreds of SCUSD employees who currently use Zangle. Infinite Campus was overwhelmingly chosen by all who participated in the demonstrations.

SCUSD employees were particularly excited that Infinite Campus:

  • Is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Can be used on mobile devices
  • Is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Provides ongoing vendor support
  • Has a vast library of online training videos
  • Allows users to create ad-hoc reports to analyze data
  • Allows students and teachers to store and share assignments such as portfolio work
  • Has the capacity to eventually consolidate many of the systems we currently use into one system, which will save the district money in the long run

Funding for Infinite Campus is coming from Measure Q, a bond measure passed by voters in November 2012.

Because of the instability of Zangle, SCUSD is moving quickly to “go live” with Infinite Campus on April 21. Zangle will be available for use until April 13. SCUSD will use Spring Break (April 14-18) to make the transition from Zangle to Infinite Campus and during that week neither system will be available.