SCUSD Offers Support Services for Expectant Teens

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SCUSD’s Child Development Department offers quality support services for expectant teens and their soon to be babies.  Early Head Start, a federally funded program, provides both expectant and new parents weekly 90-minute home visits and twice monthly socialization experiences with a highly trained home visitor. Services provided include pre- and post-natal health screenings and follow-up, parenting education, social services referrals and expert support staff.Research based outcomes include improved school continuation, parenting skills and engagement and enhanced children’s cognitive development.

Also, center-based care and education are offered at Hiram Johnson, American Legion and Capital City high schools. Referrals can be made to Deborah Flores at (916) 264-3950 ext. 1608 or Rona Hammond, (916) 277-6767 ext. 1201.