SCUSD kicks off ‘With Math I Can’ by surprising Teachers of the Year

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Crenshaw models his new "With Math I Can" T-shirtRelles in her classroom at Phoebe Hearst

Superintendent José L. Banda surprised Teachers of the Year Daniel Crenshaw and Carrie Meagher Relles today with Kings tickets, Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk passes, restaurant gift cards, swag and more.

The first day surprise both honored Crenshaw, a Rosemont High School math teacher, and Relles, who teaches kindergarten at Phoebe Hearst, and kicked off SCUSD’s new “With Math I Can” campaign.

“With Math I Can” is a partnership with Amazon Education aimed at promoting the idea that all students can achieve math success at the highest levels.

“We are excited to begin a new year of school and a new campaign to change the way students and our community think about who can – and who can’t – learn math,” Superintendent Banda said. “Our goal is to ensure that every student at every school truly believes that math is something anyone can master with patience, practice and a willingness to work through mistakes. Great teachers like Mr. Crenshaw and Ms. Relles are at the heart of this effort.”

Superintendent Banda was accompanied on his surprise visits by Board President Christina Pritchett, Board Member Darrel Woo, Rosemont Principal Elizabeth Vigil, Kings’ mascot Slamson and Dinger from the River Cats.

“With Math I Can” was developed by Amazon Education and TenMarks, an Amazon company, to challenge long-held beliefs about math. For example, more than 50 percent of young adults report saying “I’m not good at math,” according a survey by Change the Equation. Yet 93 percent of Americans responding to the survey agree that developing good math skills is essential to success in life.

“With Math I Can” asks teachers of mathematics and their students to pledge that they will replace “I’m not good at math” with “I am working to get better at math.” The latter embraces the concept of “growth mindset” championed by Stanford University math professor Jo Boaler, whose website is a repository of ideas to help youngsters overcome math anxiety.

Through a partnership, SCUSD will utilize “With Man I Can” tools and resources to build student enthusiasm for math and community support for teachers who push their students to achieve.

Items in the Teachers of the Year gift baskets were donated by district partners.